Why Creating Mobile App with AngularJS?


Why Creating Mobile App with AngularJS?

Easy to know

Code written in AngularJS is easy to understand and maintain. What adds additional benefits is that customers are not needed to stick with developers; they can change them when required depending on the problems involved.

Customization possibility

A mobile app developer can freely write code and, he/she has not expected to add all the libraries at a time. And have privileged to add some other extra modifications.

Best suitable for mid-size apps

A complex requirement for web apps takes time for development. AngularJS is absolutely different for mid-sized as well as for small-sized app development. AngularJS is fast when developing apps like medium and small size mobile apps.

Solution defines inside AngularJS

AngularJS already comes with ready-made solutions that can use within the app. Customized solutions such as UI routing methods and module practices can use.

Easy Testing

Building mobile apps with AngularJS. You would ready to begin from scratch and experiment with every component of the apps without any struggle.

Code Reusability

Developers would jump hearing this and AngularJS reduces coding for each app substantially. Here the data models are simpler to write and require no getters & setters. You can easily control the data using filters without modifying controllers.

Mobility Driven

The concern for AngularJS development was the appearance of mobiles. So, it is well fitted to develop mobile apps and with the advanced version. The advanced versions have featured the mobility driven approach for the simplifying development process. Developers are confirming for mobile-specific features including low memory consumption, touch support, and performance tuning. Mobile app issues can be resolved easily with AngularJS too.

Growing the Internet

Changing something is the natural sign which signifies on any object. The same thing intends to the web which is expected to improve and has changed since existed. Even if AngularJS past versions can’t work with web components like HTML imports, and shadow DOM etc. The recent version allows developers to create custom elements and support for several web components.

High-grade Performance

With some more improvements, developers will be keen to use the framework that can enable them to create applications at will. The improved versions will even enhance the performance of the framework to a large extent. AngularJS originally developed for designers even though it fulfils the developer’s requirements. The developers are able to use the framework for creating applications, for the same improvements required.

Smooth Applicability

Applying AngularJS is not easy task. Actually, it requires a lot of depth observation about the technicalities of the framework along with extensive information about its strengths and features. It includes features like custom directives and controllers and that are not easy to master. Later on, the newly rewritten code for AngularJS, one can expect faster development process.

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