Sanity Testing

Sanity Testing

A sanity testing is a basic test to quickly evaluate whether a claim or the result of a calculation can possibly be true. It is a simple check to see if the produced material is rational.

Why Sanity Testing is performed?

To ensure that the code changes  made are working as properly. Sanity-Testing is a stoppage to check whether testing for the build can proceed or not. The focus of the team during sanity testing process is to validate the functionality of the application and not detailed testing.

Sanity Test Services

We Offer   Some of the Sanity Test services we offer include -

Regression Testing

Regression testing is done to test if a recent change in the code made by the development has not affected the existing functionalities of the software system. Our team can help you with accurate and high-quality regression testing for your software system within a quick time.

Exploratory Testing

In this case, the test cases are not set in advance but the software testers check the software system on the fly. Our team of software testers has the required skills and experience to provide clients with highly efficient exploratory testing services.

Incremental Integration Testing

In this type of testing, our team will integrate each block and test the system to find any kind of defect and bugs. This helps in saving time and helps detect defects at the basic level before the system integration is carried out. Our team can help you with accurate incremental integration testing services within a quick time.

Unit Testing

We undertake unit testing to test each component or unit and check for defects. This helps in validating each unit if they are working as it is expected to. Our team can help you with accurate unit testing services and help you save costs before diving into deeper testing processes.

Key Benefits of Sanity Testing Services

Sanity testing is leveraged by testers to ensure that no new bugs have been introduced or the old ones are fixed by the development team when a new build arrives. Some of the key advantages of sanity-testing services are listed here –

Why is Sanity Test Important?

The primary purpose of sanity tests is to verify and validate the veracity of essential functionalities of software after regression testing as during the course of regression testing phase, fixation of bugs or any modification in the code or module might produce impact on or deviation in the intended functionalities of the software application. Sanity test are basic general tests which are used to evaluate any new functionalities added to or any sort of changes produced in the application and to ensure their introduction or existence does not impact the existing & intended functioning of the software product.

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