Integration Testing

At Daydreamsoft, We understand that in today’s competitive world, quality of a product is very important we use Integration Testing to assure better business . A low quality product will never survive in today’s market and it can hamper the integrity and reliability of its parent organization. Therefore, we employ a very precise and rigorous testing methodology to ensure that your products are of superior quality.

Integration testing is performed to ensure smooth interoperability between various components in an application. Although various units may work perfectly when checked during unit testing by the development, there is a good chance that various issues might arise when these units are integrated together to build an entire system. Therefore, once the application is integrated, our testing department performs a thorough integration testing before moving onto the system testing phase.

During the integration tests, the team focuses on the integration only and will not be concerned about the functionality of the individual modules which will be taken care of in the system test phase. Our testing team works closely with the development team to understand the architecture of the application so as to come up with concrete integration test plans.

With Daydreamsoft consultants being adaptable as well as highly experienced, Integration Testing can be catered for within a wide range of organizations and environments. We follow a Black Box approach to Integration Testing. Our main focus is on testing the functional requirements of the client applications. We will cover as much as possible through the applications based on the client’s needs.

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