Influencer / Affiliate Marketing

Influencer / Affiliate Marketing uses links to bring audiences directly to the brand’s site — focus on lead generation. Influencer marketing focuses more on brand exposure. Especially without referral links, there’s no way to directly see the result of an influencer’s post and a purchase on a website.

Influencer Marketing

Digital influencer marketing matching brands with the right advocates

  • Select the right influencers to tender an opinion that customers trust.
  • Offer extensive Accelerating youth to the & an actively engaged audience.
  • Generating leads faster, customer retention, increase reach of a campaign.

Influencer / Affiliate Marketing Process

Understanding the brand

One of the top Influencer marketing companies for extensive brand understanding to find the right influencers. Complete brand analysis: What is the brand about, Objectives, What does brand stand for, business priorities, product/services? Why influencer marketing?

Audience Research

Influencers are known as the gateway to the audience. Who is the TG to deliver the message? Audience insights, research, demographics, AI techniques. What makes your audience resonate more, type of campaigns that sync etc.

Creating the influencer list

Research, identify, create the list of influencers. A strong pool of influencers, social media personalities with multiple ranges of followers. With the situation and strategy demands, we also rope-in bigger fish (bigger celebrities)

Connect, Create

Help you design campaigns tailored for the brand/product. Influencers join hands, create their own content, share with their fans, create necessary hype & brand trust. We are a bridge for your brand, guide engagement, benefit all entities.

Deployment & Reporting

Keep a close tab on campaign reach, engagement & conversion metrics. Active, real-time feedback, collect data, analyse. Real-time campaign reporting, check campaigns from start to end, detailed reporting: Plan further campaigns.

The Future of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly important to businesses in a variety of industries. By 2020, affiliate marketing is on pace to become a 6.8 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone.

Perhaps you already know all there is to know about affiliate marketing. Maybe you’re just dipping your toes in the water and have a lot of learning to do.

Either way, there’s one question that everyone wants an answer to:

What is the future of affiliate marketing?

Keep reading for a walk-through of how affiliate marketing has changed in recent years and where it’s expected to go in the future.

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