Software Testing

At Daydreamsoft, we understand that in today’s competitive world, quality of a product is very important to assure better business. A low quality product will never survive in today’s market and it can hamper the integrity and reliability of its parent organization. Therefore, we employ a very precise and rigorous testing methodology to ensure that your products are of superior quality. 

The quality goals of each customer are different and we keep this in mind while dealing with each of our clients. Whether you need to ensure that your product developed at Daydreamsoft is of high quality or you need to check the quality of an application that has been developed elsewhere, we can be of service to you. Our team of expert quality control professionals will come up with a specific test strategy suited for your particular need.

We mainly focus on black-box testing of applications. Our team of expert professionals are adept at performing the quality control activities using manual methodology and automated tools. Our team is competent enough to recommend which methodology needs to be adopted for your application so as to ensure maximum ROI. Our testing services spans across various domains like ERP, eCommerce etc. We are proficient in conducting tests in both desktop and web applications.


Functional Testing

Functional tests are conducted to verify that the system complies with the requirements specified. The application is tested under various conditions to ensure that the end product is a stable, complete and reliable one. Functionality testing performed at Daydreamsoft focuses on defect prevention rather than defect detection. To achieve this, we ensure that the product is tested right from the beginning of the SDLC. The quality control team plays an active role from the requirement analysis phase as finding defects at the end of the SDLC can prove to be very costly. The quality control team assures that the defects do not get accumulated over the phases and any defects detected in a particular phase are removed then and there before moving onto the next phase. All defects are recorded and tracked to closure using effective bug tracking tools. A 100% functional coverage of the business requirements is ensured by mapping requirements to test cases using Requirement Traceability matrix. On the whole, a well defined and structured approach is employed to ensure the delivery of high quality applications within the stipulated time and budget.

Functional Testing

Integration testing is performed to ensure smooth interoperability between various components in an application. Although various units may work perfectly when checked during unit testing by the development, there is a good chance that various issues might arise when these units are integrated together to build an entire system. 

Therefore, once the application is integrated, our testing department performs a thorough integration testing before moving onto the system testing phase. During the integration tests, the team focuses on the integration only and will not be concerned about the functionality of the individual modules which will be taken care of in the system test phase. 

Our testing team works closely with the development team to understand the architecture of the application so as to come up with concrete integration test plans.

System Testing

System testing involves checking the behavior of the system against the specified requirements in a fully integrated application. As far as possible, the test environment we use for system testing corresponds to the final production environment so as to minimize the risk of environment-specific failures not being detected during testing. We perform tests based on the business requirements using the most appropriate technique suitable for the system being verified.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is performed whenever an application undergoes a change. The change may be the result of an enhancement or a defect fix. However, it is essential to ensure that the change has not introduced any new defects in the application. Since we are living in an age where technology advances occur at a very high rate, upgrading of existing applications becomes inevitable for withstanding competition in the market. At Daydreamsoft, we make sure that your application is completely stable and of high quality by performing a series of robust regression tests once any change is made to the application. We guarantee that you will no longer be hesitant to make changes or update your application once we conduct regression tests on your updated software.

Regression Testing

Compatibility testing checks how well the same software performs in different browsers, operating systems, hardware, network and so on. This kind of testing is essential as your application may be used by different users in different environments. So to ensure that the quality of your application is not compromised in different environments, we perform compatibility tests so that users do not face any difficulty while using your application. This will in turn help you gain customer satisfaction and better business.

Performance Testing

With the advent of Internet, the performance of a web application is of utmost importance from a business perspective. Your web applications may be a business exchange portal or social networking site. It may be used to create and host blogs for users or may provide free email service to your users. Or it may be just a search engine used by millions of users to search for information. Irrespective of the purpose, a web application may be used by a large number of users simultaneously at one point of time. Due to this, a huge load is placed on the application creating performance bottlenecks. As a result, users will not be able to access the site within an acceptable time limit or they may not be able to access the website at all.

We know that the profitability of your business may depend on the traffic your site generates. So it is essential that the performance of your site is good even when they experience a huge load. Therefore we check the performance of your application under varying loads to ensure that once your application goes live, it does not experience any performance issues. This is done meticulously to ensure that you get maximum ROI and good profit from your web sites.


Software testing of business critical applications is becoming increasingly essential due to the high costs associated with software failures. Maintaining an in-house software testing team can result in increased costs in terms of time, money and human resources. Hence by outsourcing your software testing services to us can help you to reap the following benefits.

Cost Savings: Cost savings is a huge factor when it comes to outsourcing your software testing requirements.

Round the Clock Support: Another major benefit of outsourcing software testing is round the clock support, especially if you want the product developed by an in-house development team to be tested. The time zone difference between the outsourcing partner and customer can be taken advantage of in this case.

Professional Approach: Testing is more of a human resource centric activity. The availability of automation tools does not eliminate the need for people. Hence, by outsourcing your software testing to us, our team of skilled software testing resources provide you with a professional approach in testing which will ensure the delivery of quality product with a quick turnaround time.

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