Custom MVC with PDO

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DayDreamsoft LLP has been leading PHP Development Company India offering all kinds of PHP development services since its inception. We are one of the ruling PHP MVC application development companies across the globe catering to the PHP MVC Development requirements of the clientele. We have ample experience in MVC and utilize it for creating attractive web applications using PHP.

We specialize in development with following listed PHP MVC frameworks:

  1. Cake PHP development
  2. Yii development
  3. Symfony development
  4. Cake PHP development
  5. Codeigniter development
  6. Zend framework development

An Overview: PHP – Custom MVC with PDO

PHP – Custom MVC with PDO,MVC (Model – View – Controller) is a software architecture differentiating the representation of information from user’s interaction. The output representation is referred as view, whereas a model is application data and rules of business and the controller is a mediator converting input into commands for model and view.

The main idea for best MVC framework is code reusability and separation of concerns. This architecture has enough expertise in creating impressive as well as expressive web applications.

DayDreamsoft LLP: Hire PHP MVC Developers

The team of experienced and certified PHP MVC developers at DayDreamsoft LLP excel in PHP MVC application development. Create MVC website India with our PHP MVC developers for steadfast, commercial, user-friendly anywhere across the world. We have a talented pool of experienced PHP MVC Programmers and Developers serving you with the best solutions and ongoing web support.

  • Customize Symfony development services including inimitable practices
  • Straight forward web building with less programming
  • Developers are known to utilize system resources perfectly
  • The supportive platform to meet your all business requirements
  • Project record tracking by following the flexible approach
  • Highly collaborative development with the ultimate security

Why use PDO?

If you have developed any MySQL database driven application before, but have never tried PDO, you must be wondering what the benefits are to use PDO, especially when comparing it to its two alternatives.

Running PDO Queries

We summarize the different ways of running PDO queries into four categories, classified by number of steps involved from carrying out the query to getting its result. These categories were created to ease the efforts of remembering PDO APIs and include:

  1. exec
  2. query fetch
  3. prepare execute fetch
  4. prepare bind execute fetch
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