Vulnerability Scanning

A Vulnerability Scanning  is a computer program ready  to assess computers, networks or applications for weakness. In plain words, these scanners are used to discover the weaknesses of a given system.

Vulnerability scanning, also commonly known as ‘vuln scan,’ is an automated process of proactively identifying network, application, and security vulnerabilities. In addition to identify security holes, the vulnerability scans also predict how effective countermeasures are in case of a threat or attack.

Types of Vulnerability Scanning





Web Vulnerability Scanning Defined

Web vulnerability scanners crawl through the pages of web applications to detect security vulnerabilities, malware, and logical flaws. They do this by generating malicious inputs and evaluating an application’s responses. Often referred to as dynamic application security testing (DAST), web vulnerability scanners are a type of black-box testing; they perform functional testing only and don’t scan an application’s source code.

Web Vulnerability Scanning Reduce Your Risk

Web vulnerability scanners detect threats and protect your web applications. Without them, you risk potential exposure of sensitive data, downtime, or worse. If you’re not already scanning your web applications, you probably want to check out one of our featured vendors above. The risk is too great to ignore it.

Why You Need Web Vulnerability Scanning

The application layer remains the most attacked in today’s threat landscape. Web vulnerability scanners are the best way to protect your web application from malicious hackers. Because of the increase in attacks, manual testing can’t keep up. Automated security testing tools are a necessity when securing today’s web applications.

Key service benefits

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service supports your organisation’s security and business requirements by:

Helping you stay on top of cyber hygiene

Vulnerability scanning is frequently used by hackers to help identify weak targets. Our managed vulnerability scanning service will help you to stay on top of cyber hygiene and avoid giving hackers an easy way to compromise your organization.

Supplying actionable remediation guidance

For each vulnerability scan conducted, Daydreamsoft LLP experts produce a clear and easy to understand report that describes the vulnerabilities discovered, assesses the business impact and provides actionable and priorities remediation guidance.

Reducing the strain on in-house teams

Scheduling regular scans as well as analysing their outputs can be time and resource-intensive. A vulnerability management service alleviates the strain of undertaking these activities in-house and enables your in-house team to focus on addressing vulnerabilities rather than discovering them.

Guiding future security investments

By working closely alongside your in-house security team, Daydreamsoft LLP offensive security professionals can help you to develop your long-term security strategy, channel future security investments and ensure that processes are compliant with the latest security standards.
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