Having already worked with over 200+ startup projects, we are fueled to develop brilliant and powerful websites and mobile apps across industries that will raise untold fortunes of millions of entrepreneurs who are struggling to launch lucrative businesses to meet a marketplace need.

We provide solutions the following markets


We transform your restaurant business by mobilizing your workflow into brand-new, customer-centric experiences. We simplify the process of ordering food, home deliveries, eating in through online (web and mobile) solutions using cutting-edge technology. We help restaurants to simplify their payment methods through mobile wallets and third-party payment integration.



Your innovative ideas are converted into revenue-generating on-demand mobile platforms that are carefully designed and developed to perfectly match your needs. We have powered over 50 ventures and sub-verticals offering highly quality-driven on-demand solutions across verticals like cab services, salon services, healthcare, laundry, on-demand grocery and more.


By partnering with Daydreamsoft, most startups have developed brilliant social networking websites and applications that helped their users find a social network tailored to their tastes. For social media apps, we embark on user engagement, security and privacy and integration of data sources for the business.


With a plenty of Magento experts at work, we are best-known for our optimized retail solutions that are in sync with your brand. Including Android, iPad, iPhone E-commerce app solutions, we find the right path to channel, seamless B2C and B2B shopping experiences. Our eCommerce responsive web solutions are also empowered to simplify online shopping.


We provide end-to-end healthcare mobility solutions and web services for real-time access to patient information, timely and accurate patient assessment and for taking informed clinical decisions, thereby reducing costs and risks. Our mobile fitness applications are committed to delivering best-in-breed technology for fitness enthusiasts and primary, remote consultation for people of all ages.


We have helped different event ventures to successfully deploy custom applications for promoting and selling tickets, helping them build attractive event landing pages that empower them to convert visitors into event attendees. Our solutions include features like customizable checkout, discount codes, e-ticketing, attendee management, cloud infrastructure, POS, and third-party integration.

Directory & Organization

Smartphones have come to play a major role in how we discover, coordinate, experience, and share our travel adventures. The right mobile solution opens a crucial line of communication.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Since differentiation in financial services is driven by technologies, we create extremely compelling applications for various banking and finance groups worldwide to help them create loyal engagements with consumers through mobile devices.


Our mobile and web-enabled solutions help universities and institutes to rethink and reinvent their learning operations and business models. We provide a host of e-learning services and online training modules giving new ways of learning to students and personnel.

Travel & Hospitality

We help create a more connected experience for your travelers by revamping the domestic and international travels. Integrating the whole travel experience with every aspect of your enterprise, we take you closer to your fastest-moving customers.

Media & Entertainment

We provide a wide array of interactive digital services- including video solutions, AR/VR experiences, high-definition editing and effects, stand-out animation, performance advertising, entertainment mobility, maintaining flash digital media and much more.

Transport & Automotive

Providing real-time information access, route planning and freight consignment solutions to transport companies and logistics groups across various devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones, we create potential business opportunities for B2C and B2E.