Television Advertising

TV advertising is transmit a message, typically to market a product or service. Television advertising benefits  are TV reaches a much larger audience than local newspapers and radio stations. It reaches viewers when they’re the most attentive. Also helpful in branding. Business can connect their audience through TV Ads. People remember TV Ads in their mind and it’s very effective advertising. 


1.Sponsored Programme

In this type telecast where a story, play, a film is sponsored by the advertiser who pays for the time. 

The merits of sponsored programmers are:

1. It makes an image for the ads house and its products.

2. The program can be make to fit the sponsor and his product.


Announcement is  telecast which is presented to the audience between the sponsored program and the station break. Here, the advertiser pays only for the limited duration of Ads, as he is not paying for the sponsored period. Majority of the advertisers go in for this type.

Benefit :

1. Very economical.

2. Flexible; and

3. It is effective for advertisements that are brief. These television commercials can be of 10,15, 20 and 30 seconds duration.

Television Advertising

Build customer base and Increase brand awareness

  • Television advertising allows you to reach locally, regionally & nationally easily.
  • With exceptional reach, TV still stands strong in the market & is a mass medium.
  • Builds brand reputation with the use of repetitive ad techniques.

Challenges of Television Advertising

  • Scheduling the SPOTS – Choosing the spots for your TG is never a cakewalk. With our audience expertise, we are aware of all the dayparts according to its viewership rate.
  • Understand the brand’s PERSPECTIVE – “Listen, analyze, Resolve” is our Motto. Understand the client’s main objectives & goals before we take any further actions.
  • REACH vs FREQUENCY channels – What needs length, What needs breadth is done in the most precise way & analyze the channels required for the campaign.
  • Dual TG OVERLAP – Choosing collective viewing channels. Reaching both the TG’s: Kids & Parents are the TG, our experts have an experience of working with most complex TG’s.
  • Metrics – We primarily focus on TRPCPRP, frequency, incremental reach factors while making the perfect television media plan for your brand.
  • Skilled Media Specialists – We choose the perfect time/spot, when & where the ad should be played, duration etc for a maximum reach.
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