Number Search

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Number Search

Welcome to number search puzzle game. Forget about word puzzle game and try this number search puzzle game to see if you really good at finding numbers too.

Gameplay is very simple :
Just find given number in any direction to complete level. Easy right? Try once to see if its really that easy 🙂

Number of levels?
=> Unlimited. yes it is. Try if you can solve more then 1000 levels in each category.

Main Features Includes:
– Free hints system
– No in-app purchases
– Relaxing sound effects
– Smooth UI design for all
– 5 difficulty levels – select level as you fit best and based on time you have to play this best puzzle game.
– Different coloring game draw system. Each found word will get highlighted with different color.

This puzzle game offers lots of things and its completely different then word puzzle games. Word game easy to find then number puzzle. Also we have created 5 difficulty levels for our players so they can select any they wish and each has different levels and gameplay. We offers unlimited levels so never get completed. See if you can reach to 1000+ level in all difficulty levels.

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