How to Create Attractive Logo Design


How to Create Attractive Logo Design

A strong effective Logo only identify your brand to the customers. In many companies, customers will directly associate with your brand just because of attractive Logo. Your Logo makes capable to give high wings to your brand as well as your company and will decide your future. Successful Logo design act as a mirror to your brand, which is symbol of recognized your products and services. Your Logo Design should be something that says a lot of words related to your company.

Brands such as Apple, Nike, FastTrack, Starbucks All have Logos that customer belief that this brand is “Top of the line” because they have successfully proven to be. You have to clear your aim that target to customer and then make creative Logo design which makes your brand popular. There are several tips which you have to keep in mind while you are designing a Logo apply it and see the difference how it makes so strong to your customers.

Make it Simple but Unique

 Keep your Logo Simple but unique and creative, not copy to others brand. There is no make sense to copy others concept and use for your purpose. Your copied Logo will lead your negative impression to your customers. Also, you have to focus on simplicity, too much use of various elements will spoil your design and it’s not eyes capturing to customers. Come up with different and simple design which makes your identity in the market. Its best to keep visual appealing while making a good and clean design.

Consider Apple as an example, this brand has given unique symbol of their product which is fruit of apple. The logo was designed with a bite so that it would not be confused with a cherry. Also, they have written slogan “Think Different” which impress very much to the customers.

Make it Identify with your brand

Your Logo should be descripted related to your brand that customers easily identify what service and product you providing to them. Your Logo, Images, Text, Colour should be different that helps to customers for remembering it. As we took an Apple example, it’s a world’s largest Information Technology company. Ans as their Logo is Unique Apple fruit which also gives in fruit Apple is healthier. Customers easily recognize apple logo which is electronics gadget which is based in Mac and IOS. Their Logo truly impressive look and feel of the represented with human unique colour off white.

Make it Meaningful

A Logo which you are going to make is should be meaningful to your brand. For that before you going to make, first analyse your business. For what purpose, you are making keep in your mind. Your business purpose and the Logo design should be interconnected with each other. Make sure that your Logo should Describe same thing that you are going to do. Use categorised that if you are making corporate Logo, their Design should be simple coloured and elegant where for other purpose it should be colourful.

Gather the information where Logo will be used

When you are making a Logo design, you should always think that where you will be used your logo and how it will be seemed. For example, on business card, on brochure, on website and social media, it’s essential to know where it will be appeared whether online or offline. Sometimes it might be happened that your Logo looks well on business card but not suit on the website. For that you have to finalise your Logo that will render various platform before you make it.

Use smart way for instant design

When you need to redesign your previous Logo, you don’t need to change the whole design. Whether you just give transform to your design and change a minor colour tone with compare to previous Logo then it will take less time and you can redesign with little change of Logo. It will be timeless for design. Using proper guidelines, you can make trendy and awesome Logo with recent trends of the year because nothing is everlasting, change is necessary. It will give modern -look Logo.

For example, Apple’s first logo was rainbow apple, and it fills with rainbow colours. And now it fills with gradient of two mixed colour which is off white and grey and have given border. This makes smart change in less time and Logo design will stay as it was previous.

Make it marketing branding

It is most important after making your Logo Design it should be aware with audience. Make branding and rebranding with your Logo Design. If your company is big and stayed long lasting from many years in industry, then you should make strong Logo which is essential and it should be publish all over the medium whether its online or offline. Your Logo is the mirror in which your customers will see your brand’s image.

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