Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles


Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles

Get More Users to Read

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. You cannot overlook its value in reaching your target audience.

Instant articles help you capture the attention of even more of those users. These articles appear in full form right in the news feed. Users don’t have to click a link to follow the story, and you don’t have to rely on just the headline to entice readers.

Readers can see all of the content, including any bolded or bulleted text, photos and videos. They will instantly be more engaged with your content, which can get you more views on other articles or subscribers on your site.

Users Don’t Have to Leave the App for Your Content

More users are accessing content through mobile devices, and marketers are shifting their focus to how to reach users on these devices.

Facebook instant articles are designed to reach mobile users, specifically. The articles load quickly and show in a format that is best for mobile users.

That means that users do not have to leave the app to access your content. When you share links, users have to decide whether or not to click, and if they do, a new page opens up and takes them out of the app. There has to be more incentive for users to click and be kicked out of the app.

Instant articles ensure that users read your articles since they don’t have to make that choice.

Enjoy Faster Load Times

Instant articles load much faster than traditional articles. They appear — just like their name suggests — pretty much instantly.

Slow load times can lose users, so instant articles help you to capture even more readers thanks to this benefit. Videos and audio also play automatically, so you don’t have to wait for users to click to get your content in front of them.

The ads that are included in the articles also load faster. In fact, the ads are often loaded before the articles themselves. That means that you can get more impressions and more revenue.

Advanced Analytics

Facebook offers great analytics for your activity on the site. It offers more analytics for its instant articles, giving you more insights on what content works and what doesn’t.

Some of the additional analytics provided on instant articles include not only what visitors you have but what visitors come back within a seven-day period. You learn what content is getting the most engagement.

You can also learn the scroll depth of each article, which lets you know not just that users saw your article but that they actually read the whole thing. The articles that get the most scroll depth will have the most engagement.

Get More Shares

Reports have shown that Facebook instant articles get as many as three times more shares than other articles shared on the site.

There is little data on exactly why this happens, but possibilities include the articles reaching more people on mobile and the articles getting more people to read by virtue of their immediate availability.

With greater shares, you can reach more of your target audience and get greater overall exposure for your brand. Both of those things will lead to more traffic and increased advertising revenue.

Publish Directly from Your CMS

Instant articles also save you time by allowing you to publish them directly from your content management system.

You can use HTML to include almost all of the features that were included in your original article. That includes videos, images, and some interactive elements.

Include Advertising

Monetizing your content is part of your bread and butter. Instant articles allow you to continue publishing ads in your content.

You can either choose Facebook ads for your content, or you can use code to incorporate your own ads right in the content. With the increased reach that these articles get, you can significantly increase your advertising revenue with the right strategy.

Daydreamsoft can help you monetize your content on Facebook and other social networks, as well as your blog and other channels. Our tools identify the best opportunities for ad placement based on your content and your page layout. We emphasize the user experience so that ads are not distracting but provide value.

Consider incorporating Facebook instant articles into your overall content marketing and monetization strategies.

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