Would You Rather? Is a fun and simple game where you need to choose would you rather script 1 or script 2.
-To be invisible or to be able to fly?
-All my life to watch only movies or only TV shows?

Would You Rather is a fun and addicting party game where you have to choose between two difficult scenarios.

It’s fun to play both alone or with a group of friends.

This app contains hundreds of the best hand-picked Would You Rather questions.

★★ Features ★★

  • Hundreds of Would You Rather (WYR) questions
  •  Vote for your favorite option and view real time statistics on what one is more popular
  •  Frequently updated with more content
  • Completely free to play
  • Submit your own Would You Rather questions to be added into the game
  • Offline mode. This Would You Rather game doesn’t require internet or Wi-Fi making it the perfect game for road trips.
  •  Suitable for kids with only family friendly questions. This version does not contain any dirty or extreme questions making it the perfect family game for Kids, Teenagers and Adults.
  • Translated into French, German and Italian
  • Can be used as a drinking game
  • Can be played with an unlimited amount of players making it the perfect group game for parties.
  • Hardest Choice for Party Game
  • Fun game to play when you are bored

    Would You Rather (Either) is a great game to play with your family or friends to start conversations.

    This WYR app combines questions from various categories such as:

    – Love and Relationships
    – Movies and TV shows
    – The Human Body
    – Entertainment
    – Sports
    – Technology
    – Party
    – Funny

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