Why Using WooCommerce For Online Store?


Why Using WooCommerce For Online Store?

Whenever the name WordPress is mentioned, many users instantly know what you are talking about, but few of them know that WooCommerce is the ecommerce plugin developed by WordPress in 2011, and that since then till now, it has gotten thousands of users. There are numerous advantages that this plugin offers and this post would highlight a few of them so in case you are looking to start an ecommerce site, you should not have to look very much further from WooCommerce.

WordPress is one of the most popular and efficient content management platforms in the world and WooCommerce was developed by it, for it. This alone stands as a major advantage for the uses of the plugin. Because of the popularity of WordPress, using a plugin designed by the same developer would assure that visitors to your site remain on familiar ground. This is a factor that is sure to increase conversion rates.

Also, one of the major benefits of being on WordPress is the blog extension. Most ecommerce sites have to have a blog separate from the store, but with WooCommerce on WordPress, the blog is integrated.

It is free

WooCommerce is free open source software. This is extremely favorable especially to small and medium scale businesses which are just starting out. You do not have to pay for it and it can also be updated for free. All you need to do is go onto the WordPress.org site and download the plugin in a matter of minutes.

Professional and Customizable

Many free apps and plugins turn out not to be up to standard. This is not so for the WooCommerce plugin. It is professional and standard and it can be easily customized with a variety of themes which can also be further modified for color variety. This would ensure that at no time is your ecommerce site looking like what you could find on a hundred other sites.

The professional outlook ensures that customers and visitors are impressed by your site, and it also affects the admin dashboard, ensuring that it is user friendly and possesses a lot of features you could use to further customize your site.
You can further customize your WooCommerce by downloading apps that provide an extra function. WooCommerce allows you to download such apps and integrate them with your store. Some of the apps are available on the WordPress store are free too.


WooCommerce offers a wide range of analytic tools that make it a top choice for ecommerce developers. This is really great because with this tool you can measure sales of products and analyse them according to date and brand, measure the statistics for different customers individually, calculate your total sales daily and monthly, measure the total number of orders you have received, track the orders customers are placing, determine delivery peak areas and times etc. and you do not have to download a separate plugin or hire a separates staff to do this as the tool has this inbuilt already.

This is adequate for users and managers who are interested in measuring the metrics of their site to improve sales.
With WooCommerce, you can also utilize other tools such as social media to track your customers and get your reports in real time, in well-organized tables and graphs or charts. This ensures that you properly optimize your site for maximum profit.


One of the most important factors in ecommerce is security. Customers need to be assured that the transactions they make are secure, and that the sites they are working with are not fraudulent. Managers of ecommerce sites should ensure that they provide such security to the customer. With WooCommerce, security is a major factor of excellence. WooCommerce is highly secure and this is because of the regular updates that it undergoes to ensure that it cannot be hacked and that bugs present are quickly weeded out.

The POS on WooCommerce is not only secure, but it also supports a variety of transactions which means that a larger number of customers can utilize the platform.


WooCommerce offers a lot of flexibility. Using the plugin, you can make content changes easily without much fuss. For example, it is very easy to change a product price at any time of the day using this plugin, which is difficult using others where you have to wait for off-peak periods. You can also sell various kinds of products on this platform.

Opportunity for growth

Using WooCommerce, you can be sure of various opportunities for growth and expansion. There are many ways in which you can modify the templates with which the plugin comes to include new extensions. WooCommerce has a large number of APIs available that users and developers can utilize to build extensions to improve size and capabilities.


As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of using WooCommerce. It is not only free and easy to figure out, but it also looks professional and offers a lot of flexibility. If you are starting your own online store soon, you definitely should think about using WooCommerce. You can get it installed in just minutes and you will be on your way to a more professional looking online store. Your customers will be able to buy your products with ease and will be impressed with how you have things set up.

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