Web Hosting

Daydreamsoft provide a variety of web hosting & offshore outsourcing services suited for your particular requirement. If you want to put your website out there for everyone to see, we can provide a number of web hosting services with diverse options.

Whether you are an average home user who requires a single page hosting or a large organization which needs a server with database support and application development platforms to host your complex application on the web, Daydreamsoft is the best choice to make when it comes to web hosting

Domain Registration

Daydreamsoft provides secure, reliable and cost-effective domain registration services. Our domain registration fees are quite cheap and we provide excellent support.

Web Hosting Space Management

While hosting your website, it is essential that you have knowledge of the web space required for your website. This would depend on the type and size of the website and also the traffic that you are expecting for your website. These aspects, along with economic factors, should be taken into consideration while deciding on the server space that is suited for your website. At Daydreamsoft, as we have skilled professionals who have years of experience in web hosting, we will be able to give you expert advise on the web hosting service suited for your needs.

Email Hosting

We provide email hosting services that are suitable for individuals and businesses alike. Our email hosting services are fast and secure. We provide various features like spam and virus protection, compatible with all major email clients and mobile device compatibility. Besides these, the prominent feature of our email hosting services is that it is supported by a team of dedicated personnel.

Benefits of offshore outsourcing of web hosting services

  • We provide the most reliable and cheapest service
  • We have web hosting services tailor made to suite your requirements
  • We provide excellent support to our customers
  • We strive to ensure customer satisfaction for our entire clientele, both big and small