Our Development Process (old)


IT provides multiple projects, which consist of websites and web apps for top brands, medium-level enterprises, and startups. There is a considerable amount we offer through our integrated, adaptive agile approach. Great things are not achieved by impulse but through a series of processes brought together.



Planning the project is the most important step, and it is even more critical than the actual development. A good plan produces a yellow brick road for designers, developers, managers, content editors, clients, etc. to follow. A plan gets massaged and altered along the way, but it is advantageous to keep the core plan intact. Let’s look at three important planning steps: requirement analysis, technologies and resource, information architecture.


The details of the layout are what will give your website and app character. This is the step where you get to be creative with pictures, videos and what kinds of things the customer will notice when they come to your site. This process can take about 3-10 weeks from start to finish. The timing depends on experience, time spent on the project, and how thorough the developer is. During this step, it is especially important to keep referring back to the target audience you wish to focus on.


Now that approval has been given on the visual aesthetics for the project, it’s time to slice up the mockup, break out the design elements, and jump into code. Many core tasks are involved here such as building the site structure, constructing the templates, importing data, publishing content, and creating news stories and events, etc. Of course, rigorous testing is performed for functionality and performance throughout this stage.


This is a good place in the project to do full review. Even though Mercury developers are constantly testing throughout the project and adhere to a stringent testing protocol that reinforces our ability to catch errors before they break; this additional testing makes the project go smoother and is always fruitful. The project is made better by taking testing seriously and proactively


We have the project developed, now we are ready to show the world! While we’ve come a long way, we aren’t out of the woods yet. We need to do some final touch-up, get everything over on the production server, some more testing.


You might think your job is done once the website and app is launched, but this is not the case. Since technology and products are changing more rapidly than ever before, it is important to stay up-to-date with what is happening on the internet. Maintaining a website and app is hard work, but the more effort put into its maintenance, the better. There are a few different pieces to website/app upkeep.