7 Must Have WordPress Plugin 2020[Secret]


7 Must Have WordPress Plugin 2020[Secret]

After installing WordPress first thing in mind was Themes and Plugin.We talking about must have WordPress Plugin in this blog post.

After this post you’re able to make your site SEO optimize, Secure, Good Looking, Professional and Fast.

In this post we are Revealing our Secret must have WordPress Plugin.

So, Let’s get started !!!

Yoast SEO plugin was one of the must have plugin for WordPress site(New and Old for both).Why SEO is important for any website because Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day.IT was huge opportunity for organic traffic to your site.

So if you are creating new WordPress site or already had website you need to optimize your sites

SEO for that Yoast SEO is must have to install.

Also you can go on Yoast Official site for SEO Tips and tricks. Traffic is every websites needs and Google need SEO optimize sites to rank.


  • Optimize your WordPress pages and posts using keywords and meta descriptions.
  • Create sitemap it self
  • Add social links to SERP page
  • Help to improve reliability score
  • Live result showing red, green and orange SEO analysis and reliability score


Base version of Yoast SEO 100% free, and also premium version available

wpfroms wordpress plugin

Another amazing plugin WPForms for building great forms(Contact forms and other).It creates user friendly and mobile responsive forms.

3 million active install of WPForms because of its we can create eye catching contact forms without work on any coding.

It’s customizable modern contact  form increase more conversions and get more survey results.


  • Make Awesome Contact forms for free !
  • Save time because we don’t need to do coding.

Price :

It’s lite version available for free, In premium  basic plan start from $39.50/year

jetpack plugin must have wordpress plugin

Jetpack is fully package of many useful multi functionalities that make charge to your site. Jetpack had many plugins capabilities in one.

It’s make your site running smoothly, take care of security  and increase website speed, Using Jetpack we can add social share buttons, CDN services, contact forms, email subscription and other services

Feature :

  • Improve security
  • Help in site speed

Many many more feature that make this  post too long(you can check out on their site)

Price :

Free to install, have premium start from $20/month

WP Rocket is Strongly powerful plugin for caching that helps your website speedup and loading time. Website loading time is very important. It’s create cached copies of each dynamically generated pages on your website, so your server do less load of work.

This plugin decrease loading times 63%.

Feature :

  • Cache of website pages
  • Enable lazy loading
  • Improve user browser caching

Price :

WP Rocket is a premium tool that starts at $49 for a single site’s year-long license.

Elementor WordPress Page builder

Elementor is coolest plugin of out must have WordPress plugin because it has 5,000,000 website already using it actively. It is page builder that gives you ability to make your pages original and unique You don’t need to high skill web development coding or tools to add awesome effects, hover effects, background effects and animations , it can be all done with simpler drag and drop.

Feature :

Price :

Base plugin available for Free. Premium plan start from $49 per year

redirection plugin for wordpress

When we are planning for must have WordPress plugin, we cannot ignore this beautiful plugin name “Redirection”. Using this plugin you can set up custom 301 redirects within your website. Track broken link data and also link clicks

404 or broken page take your site SEO score down, so for that redirection plugin help you to track how much pages have 404 error, and you can redirect visitor from this broken page to other page

Feature :

  • Custom 301 redirection
  • Track broken page

Price : Free available !

smush plugin wordpress

Optimize image files are very important for any site to improve site speed, and we can’t optimize single single image every time it is very time consuming

Smush plugin automatically compress images across your website because your site has compress images it load faster

Feature :

  • Improve site speed
  • Optimize images automatically

Price : Free

blog2social wordpress plugin

You are creating blog post and sharing it to everywhere in different social media sites one by one, but it was too boring  and time consuming. Working smart was the real thing, yes it’s true with Blog2social plugin you can share your blog post to Facebook page,pintrest,twitter,reddit,linked and more with sinlge click. It’s like magic.

You need to connect your social media to this plugin. Also you cannot connect your all social media in Free version.

Feature :

  • Single click post every social site
  • Time saving

Price : Free plan available, premium plan start from  $5.57 per month

As you look up all must have WordPress plugin Here the list :

1.Yoast SEO : Search engine optimize your WordPress website increase organic traffic.

2.WP Forms : Drag and drop create awesome contact forms.

3.Jetpack  : Improves site speed and security 

4.Wp Rocket : Strong Caching solutions for your WordPress site. 

5.Elementor : Make your brands unique website using this beautiful drag and drop page builder.

6.Redirection : redirect 301 and 404 broken pages

7.Smush : Help lazy loads 

Bonus : Blog2Social : Work smart, single click post to every social media.


You are very passionate and curios about your website, because you reach out at the end of the post. That’s good ! Install this plugin in your WordPress website and make your site healthy and professional. We are also happy to know your favorite plugin please do comment your vote !Subscribe to our news letter for this type od quality content. Thanks You !!

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