Functional Testing

Daydreamsoft is a new age software development and consultancy firm with a difference. It is the joint venture of a group of technology experts and management consultants who have been working towards a common dream of providing IT services and business solutions that are of superior quality at affordable prices. 

We gives you total control over the functional testing process – from specifying test requirements and selecting testers, to reviewing bugs and test cases.

Functional Testing is a quality assurance (QA) process and a type of black box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test. Functional testing differs from system testing in that functional testing verifies a program by checking it against design documents or specifications, while system testing validates a program by checking it against the published user or system requirements.

We Offer functional testing services for any web, mobile or desktop application

  • System Integration Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Backward and upgrade compatibility testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Test Automation

Daydreamsoft provides complete test coverage right from the Requirement stage to ensure reduced defect rates. We need to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of functional testing by focusing on accelerated and optimized testing.

Functionality testing performed at Daydreamsoft focuses on defect prevention rather than defect detection. To achieve this, we ensure that the product is tested right from the beginning of the SDLC. The quality control team plays an active role from the requirement analysis phase as finding defects at the end of the SDLC can prove to be very costly. The quality control team assures that the defects do not get accumulated over the phases and any defects detected in a particular phase are removed then and there before moving onto the next phase. All defects are recorded and tracked to closure using effective bug tracking tools. A 100% functional coverage of the business requirements is ensured by mapping requirements to test cases using Requirement Traceability matrix.

Our Assurance

A well defined and structured approach is employed to ensure the delivery of high quality applications within the stipulated time and budget. We care about the clients and want to assist them in their journey towards success.