Engagement Models

Daydreamsoft’s Engagement Models


No two businesses are exactly alike. At Daydreamsoft, we make sure that no two development processes are the same and we develop an efficient project model that is in accordance with the varied and dynamic business needs.

What makes our business process model unbeatable is its flexibility. Client’s requirements constantly change (either by choice or chance), and we adapt to these changes quickly. Our engagement models are beneficial to clients because they propose competitive prices, dedicated resources, no hidden costs, and zero overheads. We want to work with you to the best of our abilities.

Some of the benefits of choosing our engagement models:

  • No complexities
  • Transparent quotes
  • Secured development environment
  • No compromise with quality
  • Calculated costs and budgeted rates
  • Close-knit support
  • 100% Privacy Maintained
  • Standardized Approach

You are free to make a choice- Choose from our range of models that suits you best

Hire Developer Model

we comprehend your worries towards Hosting a manageress control over the development process. So, we display with you our "HIRE A DEVELOPER" model that gives you procure committed web developers, web designers, mobile developers Also SEO experts. This model further gives 3 choices that highlight your needs also necessities.

Fixed Price

This model is great suiting to customers who have well-structured methodology will accumulate requirements, scope, deliverable and acknowledgement criteria for the project. Concerning illustration, you furnish with us an acceptable idea, requirements, scope alongside those deliverable and acceptance, we execute the ventures around A fixed-price Also charging premise. Throughout development, we give phase-wise conveyance What's more stay aware of the conveyance schedules. Consider it as one of the most effective and convenient models to cut down on your costs and stay within budget.

Time and Material

This is used the point when the resource and time can’t be assessed upfront, at the begin. For an undertaking that need a constantly-evolving growth and constantly-changing requirements, our duration of the time & material model will be immaculate. It’s an incredible alarmed model that’s the best fit for iterative and incremental requisition advancement. We detract you enter and considerations in every stage keeping clinched alongside psyche that you require adaptability and constant transforms Also advancements in the project. Including will this, we take after a sort program venture administration procedure dependent upon A daily/weekly reporting weight system, without whatever intricacy. We accuse the client in view of the amount for hours committed Eventually Tom's perusing each resource.