Card Matching


Card Matching

Welcome to matching card game.

Gameplay: Match same card as opponent to win the game. Simple 🙂 Try once to see if its really simple.

Main Features Includes:
– Zen Sounds
– Zen nature theme to give you calm and relax gameplay
– Beautifully designed animal cards theme to make gameplay even more relaxing
– Online / Offline gameplay so play anywhere you want
– No in-app purchases (Simply watch ad and get coins with no real payments)
– Can you reach 1000 Wins? Before 1000 Loss?
– Super optimized for batteries drains as well as processor speed
– More features coming soon. So stay tuned.

This game is not like any other card game but this offers smooth and relaxing gameplay. This will give you super unique gameplay experience with zen. You can play anytime anywhere as this is offline as well as online too.

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