Calm Color

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Calm Color

Calm Color Matching is lightest calm puzzle game which will make you super relaxed with having more then 5000 puzzles in many chapters. Headphone is recommended for amazing sound experience so sit back and relax with calm color puzzle game.

Gameplay is simple:
Move each tiles to its place within the spectrum to finish level. Easy right? Just make sure you select correct color on correct place as this game will make you think with minor color differences and this is what make gameplay challenging and fun. So select wisely.

Main Features Includes:

– 5000+ Calm Color Puzzle Levels. And more to come soon.
– 5+ different game modes with different shapes. (Parallelogram puzzle, Diamond puzzle, Trapezium puzzle, Square puzzle, Hexagon puzzle)
– Relaxing sound.
– Focused gameplay is required to finish level quickly.
– Hint System if you stuck anywhere. Completely free.
– All free and open in this game so no additional charges or no in-app purchases required. And always it will be free. We promise.
– Unlock any chapters at any time so no limit on finish first other and then open next. Play as you like.
– Simple and smooth UI Design for all Aged persons so anyone can play easily.

This game is specially for color lovers and who want something very challenging and relaxed gameplay.

At first look this game will look easy but its not like what it looks always. So try it once to see how good and amazing it is. We assure that you will love challenging gameplay.

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