Become A Partner

At Daydreamsoft, we maintain effective relationship and mutually beneficial tie-ups with our business partners. Our partnership deal is based on mutual trust, common vision and professional integrity. We strive to maintain an ongoing mutual understanding. We follow certain partnership models and flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs for the partnership agreement. So, lets start working and meet industry-driven challenges together!


Technical expertise & Established process.

Reduce your project cost with our flexible service models

Competitive rates

We are always happy to assist.

We provide user friendly interface(GUI) and services.

We believe in Partnership and sharing ideas and Innovation & quality.

The majority of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients –
A good indicator of their satisfaction with our service.

Just give a try with our service, we promise to delight you.


We work with a wide range of business partners, who refer prospective clients to us. 

They spread the word about us and our business practices.

If you have a business idea, projects and looking for a partnership, please feel free to talk to us.

We have technical expertise for software, web and mobile development, 

and do have the quality resources to execute the project.

Partnership Model

Business partner

If you are a small or large software/web development company and have great marketing capacity to generate sales pipeline with lack of in-house resources, or does not have resources for specific requirement, then its time to reach out Daydreamsoft. Daydreamsoft can provide you international standard development services at best price point.

Sales partner

Sales Partner plays a role of a Business Executive that generates qualified & confirmed business sales lead which is directed to Daydreamsoft. The Sales partner remains more involved at pre-sales level in order to facilitate presales and techno-commercial discussion with qualified lead. 

Referral partner

Referral Partners refers potential sales leads to Daydreamsoft. Here Partner’s role is limited to giving a reference of his contacts who has probable business lead or an opportunity based on Daydreamsoft’s line of business i.e. a functional middleman, that brings buyers and sellers together.