10 Benefits Of Using Joomla CMS Framework


10 Benefits Of Using Joomla CMS Framework

Free Of Cost

Unlike commercial CMS solutions that offers different versions depending upon the pre-defined budget, Joomla! is available in one ”all encompassing” version and that too free of cost. Also, it offers a long range of add-ons, that is, currently around 4800 in number.

Open Source

As an open source CMS, Joomla is available at free of cost. It isn’t the price that issues yet the benefits of using open source programming are colossal. Open source network helps in a constant change of this software executing it more strong, secure and easy to use. This open source system is unreservedly accessible and can be used again. There are steady security updates accessible which make it exceptionally reliable. Joomla remains updated often with all the intense versions.

Time Saving

Making website with Joomla! always saves time. It has an easy to use control panel. You may edit text online, add images and set keywords. It also gives the power to edit menu items in real time. It is easy to prepare a whole new section of a website, and once it is set to be launched, you need to go to Menu Manager and publish it.


Joomla! is designed to be easy in installation and set up, even if you’re not an advanced user. Since it is so easy to use, being a web designer or a developer, you can quickly make websites for your clients. It would require just a minimal duration of instruction session with your clients to empower them to easily manage their websites themselves.

Access To Advanced Functionality

Joomla! has a long range of plug-ins that add to the functionality of the core program. These plug-ins include special complexities that cost a lot to develop for a HTML site. You can add shopping cart, image galleries, videos, bullet in boards, Blogs, directories & hundreds of other features. If we look at the design part in Joomla, to serve this purpose, there are hundreds of Joomla! templates available which are very easy to customize. It cannot be denied that Joomla website designs are quite beautiful. That is why, Joomla! is considered to be designer’s friend.

Continuous Development

The Joomla! project team endeavours to make Joomla! even better. That is why, they come with one or the other improvement after every 15-20 days. Recently, they have come up with Joomla 1.6 beta 5. Many bugs and issues are fixed up in each new version providing Joomla developers with a more refined platform to the to work with. It can be simply upgraded and enhanced in the next better coming versions.


Joomla is a furnished CMS with SEO favourable highlights to make the site rank high on a web crawler and it expands the discoverability of the site. Joomla assists in making search engine reliable URLs. By empowering the formation of search friendly URL, take a stab at having a superior ranking on web crawlers which prompts added traffic on the website. It helps to edit or update the Meta tags or Meta description of a web page to rank high on the web indexes. This does Joomla websites to be favoured via web crawlers.

ECommerce Is Made Easy With Joomla:

On the off chance that there is a web-based business organization that is as yet finding of which CMS to settle on, well, there needn’t consider any longer. Joomla is an eCommerce related CMS that offers numerous functionalities made particularly for e-com. For instance, a client can undoubtedly deal with the products and their content without switching over tabs to carry out the activity. At that point, there are some 3rd party components that keep running inside the Joomla like Virtuemart. It gives a few alternatives like Google Checkout and Paypal, product management, payment gateway, and shipping. The topside is that it’s exceptionally easy to using, much like Joomla’s other eCommerce business arrangements. These segments are preferably suited to an organization that has a business awareness online and might want to add a shopping cart framework to their current Joomla! What’s more, as is dependably the case, Joomla CMS intends to get possess set of amazing eCommerce extensions.

Frontend Editing

We can’t think of many CMSs that allow frontend editing. Joomla does. Frontend editing means editing content on the website itself – for example, if you’re logged in to the website (and of course, you have the right permissions) and you see a page that needs editing, then you can edit it directly without going to the backend. This is an important feature especially for those Joomla website owners who have little Internet experience/knowledge. Note that this feature currently only works for articles – custom modules and other content still need to be edited from the backend.

Security Updates

Open Source Matters releases security updates whenever any maintained version of Joomla is reported to have a security issue. These security updates ensure that Joomla websites all over the world run smoothly and securely. As you can see, the reasons for using Joomla are many, and it’s very clear that any business, whether small or large, can benefit from the power of this CMS.

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