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July 24, 2018
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The most effective method to Disable Google AMP and Remove AMP Content from Google Search

The vast majority of the clients get to web on their cell phones. Be that as it may, every one of the destinations are not versatile inviting yet. In this way, Google began a venture called AMP to ensure that the sites meet client desires.

There were a few bits of gossip that Google is thinking about AMP as a positioning variable, yet that isn’t valid. A few bloggers have watched, their webpage stacking rapidly in the wake of empowering AMP. Be that as it may, on another hand they lose client commitment, advertisements impressions and bulletin recruits on cell phones. This made their psyche to incapacitate AMP.

How to Disable Google AMP?

Subsequent to considering above circumstances, you are on the phase where may feel like not to utilize AMP or impair Google AMP. In any case, truly, you can’t really turn it off. This is on account of, when you complete a Google seek on your cell phone, Google identifies that it’s a cell phone, and reroutes your pursuit ask for through their AMP servers, and not through their customary servers.

Along these lines, it makes the connection turn into a connection to Google’s AMP framework. Be that as it may, you can expel your AMP content from query items. Google even prescribed a guide on How to Remove AMP substance from query items. On the off chance that this won’t encourage you, at that point don’t freeze. There are other a few different ways too through which you can incapacitate Google AMP.

Evacuate rel=”amphtml” yield from the head:

Google identifies AMP pages by rel=”amphtml” markup interface, which lies in the site header. To expel rel=”amphtml”, take after the beneath steps. Utilizing regex, coordinate the string and supplant it with any esteem you need (keeping it clear will be awesome). To do as such, Install and initiate Real-Time Find and Replace module.

Continuous Find and Replace

In instruments area, tap on Real-Time Find and Replace.

Snap Use Regex.

In the discover field, embed this inquiry as it is

<link rel=”amphtml” href=”(.+)” >

Next, Go to supplant field and keep it clear.

Tap on Update.

Evacuating this markup implies disclosing to Google that we don’t have AMP form of the page or site. It makes Google ‘deindexes’ the page. Here an issue lies-Google may consider AMP variant pages as copy URL for accepted. The condition can happen on the grounds that we have expelled social markup. What’s currently? Along these lines, here we need to include the arrangement by utilizing NOINDEX for expelling AMP pages from Google Search. To do as such,

Open AMP for WP module settings.

Tap on SEO.

Include following the line of code in the set-out area toward AMP page:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”/>

Presently, you are finished with setting up NOINDEX for AMP page. In any case, pause, without additional process, you are finished with the half procedure as it were. Along these lines, we should move to additional steps. Next thing you need to do,

Go to Google Search Console.

Go to your Property and Sitemaps.

Check the container of XML sitemap and Click Resubmit.

Doing this implies asking Google to NOINDEX your AMP pages and re-listed over to the first URLs. It might take a few days to finish. When you watched that your AMP has been crippled, you can debilitate and erase AMP module.

Debilitate AMP module and Add Redirects:

Deactivate AMP module and put following code on .htaccess record in root registry. Take after this manual for altering .htaccess record on your server.

# Redirect from AMP to non-AMP page

RewriteRule ^(.*)\/amp$ $1 [R=301,L]


I have executed the two traps and discovered the two works fine. I ensure, applying one of it won’t enable your guest to encounter 404 blunders. Consequently, your site will naturally get earlier rank in web index. On the off chance that you confronting any issue while evacuating, don’t hesitate to ask in the remark segment beneath.

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